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The “Make it go ZOOM” show offers practical advice from real business leaders in a variety of industries in Atlanta and across the nation. Join Don Nicholson, President and CEO of Nicholson Business Services, as he interviews executives, influencers and authors to learn from their insights and personal story of success.

Nicholson Business Services, LLC is a professional services company offering the support and experience in recruiting and placement services; managed services for benefits, accounting and compliance functions; and on-site and webinar-based training on proven sales and leadership curriculums. Their metrics-based approach establishes goals early in the process to measure success as they turn often seemingly impossible goals into bottom-line positive results. To find out more about Nicholson Business Services, visit their website at: www.makeitgozoom.com


You can also catch up on Don’s past interviews under his previous show at the same time slot, “On the Safe Side”:


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